Kappa Alpha Psi Holiday Gifts & Christmas OrnamentsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

When the holidays roll around, you can't help catching the excitement of the season. Get Kappa Alpha Psi Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments to make your dorm room, apartment or chapter house look like a happy holiday haven. Before you and your chapter brothers leave for the holiday break, take the time to decorate your dorm room or house to get everyone in the mood for the holiday season. The KAPsi Christmas Ornament is a nice start. It's a gorgeous red ball featuring an outline of the fraternal crest on the front. If you want your Christmas tree to be unforgettable this year, this is the ornament to buy along with a few Greek Holiday Glass Ornaments. You can have each one customized with either the current year or the founding year of the fraternity (1911). There's also a selection of white Holiday Ball Ornaments that come with fraternity images imprinted on one side. One has your crest and a space for certain number of custom characters and another has a red face that reads "Merry Christmas." There's also a Design Your Own Christmas Ornaments link where you can insert a memorable photo or longer written message. After you finish cleaning up and arranging your space, you can start decorating it with your Kappa Alpha Psi Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments. Click through to our other sections to see the other specialized gift merchandise Greek Gear offers, including gear for the home and wearable items (shirts, sweatshirts, hoodies and slippers).