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Having a quality bag to carry around campus is akin to having a reliable best friend at your side -- it keeps you organized, on point and makes you look good. These Kappa Alpha Psi Bags, Briefcases and Totes will definitely fit the bill. A good carrying bag becomes much like a signature item that helps people recognize you. You want to be known for carrying a quality bag, like the Emblem Briefcase. It's the perfect bag for a sophomore, junior or senior with a lot on his plate. There's a zippered compartment on the front for the items you have to access quickly and a larger compartment for your books and notes. If you're a KAPsi alum or member of a grad chapter who has started your first full-time job out of college, invest in a Crest Briefcase Attache. It's the perfect transitional bag to help you adjust from school mode to work mode with its multiple compartments and expandable section for folders and paperwork. And if you just need a bag to take to your workouts or practice, get the handy red Crest Cinch Sack for Kappas. As soon as you get your Kappa Alpha Psi Bag or Briefcase in the mail, set aside a moment to coordinate it to your needs. You'll be happy with the results and the convenience -- they'll likely last throughout your time in school.

Kappa Alpha Psi Bags, Briefcases & TotesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Kappa Alpha Psi Fanny Pack
As low as: $10.00
Kappa Alpha Psi Crest - Shield Cinch Sack
3 star rating2 reviews
DISCOUNT-Kappa Alpha Psi Emblem Briefcase
4.5 star rating4 reviews
As low as: $24.00
Kappa Alpha Psi Luggage Tag
5 star rating2 reviews
As low as: $8.00
DISCOUNT-Kappa Alpha Psi Backpack
4 star rating3 reviews
As low as: $24.00

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