Kappa Delta Car Merchandise & License PlatesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Whether you have a 12 hour drive ahead of you or just a trip around the corner to do laundry, it's beneficial to have Kappa Delta Car Merchandise on your car or truck. You never know when you might meet another member of the sorority that strives for the "honorable, beautiful and highest."

Don't take any road trips until you have a Chrome License Plate on your car or pickup truck. For under $15 you have a calling card that lets the entire world of Kappa Deltas know that you're a sister. You'll be thankful for this small investment when you perchance meet a sorority sister in a strange town and get a free place to sleep! Also see the New Design License Plate Frame, which is a bit of an update from the classic style.

A well-placed sticker will also get noticed when you're on the road. Put the Chrome Car Emblem on the rear of your car near the plate or on the side window. It's a small yet constant reminder of your sorority affiliation.

When you're in a national sorority, your goal is to meet as many fellow members as possible. That's an easy goal to reach when you travel the country with Kappa Delta Car Merchandise from Greek Gear on your vehicle!