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A paddle is a like a badge of honor for fraternity members to commemorate their commitment and dedication to their Greek organizations. We have Kappa Alpha Psi Paddles and Picture Frames that you can custom-design with the recipient's name, history and chapter information. Every paddle you receive should be a special one -- that's why we offer a unique Design Your Own feature that allows you build your own paddle from a standard block of wood to an engraved polished, finish. There's even an option to add images, like your fraternal crest or an important symbol. This is the option you go for if you want to buy someone a paddle that no one has ever seen before. If you prefer to choose one of our amazing pre-designed paddles, check out the Mirrored Paddles -- one comes with a silvery frosted finish and another is red with a domed handle. The Custom Full Color Paddle allows you to enter up to three lines of personalization. The common choice is the person's full name or nickname, home chapter and semester/year of joining. Both you and your recipient will be pleased with your gift of Kappa Alpha Psi Paddles or Picture Frames, whether you purchase an item that is pre-designed or create your own.

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