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You're a Divine 9 Greek for life, which is why members often shop for Kappa Alpha Psi Alumni and Graduation Gifts. Even after you leave your undergrad chapter, KAPsi will probably still be a very important part of your life. One thing that you'll soon learn is that when you need help, you can always go to trusted alumni members for advance and assistance. Make them feel appreciated with special gifts that will always remind them of their time as undergrads in your chapter. For instance, you might get each alum a beautiful glass or keepsake box decorated with the fraternity's images and a simple "Thank you." Kappas who are scheduled to graduate soon will appreciate receiving some of the items in this section, like a Kente Graduation Stole. It's a red cloth with white accents that's traditionally given to graduating seniors who are also KAPsi members. We also sell special gifts, like Business Card Cases, wallets and even clocks that can be personalized with fraternity info. When you find the perfect Kappa Alpha Psi Alumni and Graduation Gifts to give, make sure you take advantage of all of our personalization options. Most can be customized with a Kappa's name, a date or another vital piece of information related to the fraternity.

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