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Symbols are so important to an organization. They provide a unique representation for each group that is easily identified by those "in the know." That's why our Greek Symbol Paddles are so popular with members of fraternities and sororities at colleges everywhere.

Paddles are a traditional Greek gift -- a tradition that has been passed down from chapter to chapter, generation to generation. It's no wonder that they are such an in-demand item for both fraternities and sororities. These paddles are specifically designed with the symbols that are associated with top groups across the country, and can be personalized to make them unique. You can add a big and lil brother name, school name, chapter and/or a saying that only you and the recipient will understand.

Some symbols in this section may directly align with specific organizations, like the Anchor Symbol (Delta Gamma), Crescent Moon (Phi Beta Sigma) and Skull and Crossbones (Sigma Phi Epsilon, Tau Kappa Epsilon and more). Others are made with generic images that would apply to most organizations, like the Sisters or Hand Holding paddle design.

Choose your organization from the drop-down list on the page of the product you'd like to get for yourself or to give someone special as a gift. We will get right to work on your order of Greek Symbol Paddles.

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