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Greek Chapter JacketsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Greek Lettered Satin Jacket
5 star rating2 reviews
Greek Coach's Tail Jacket
4 star rating1 review
As low as: $35.00
Greek Varsity Jacket
4 star rating1 review
Greek Letterman Jacket
5 star rating2 reviews
Lettered Greek Anorak Pullover
5 star rating1 review
Fraternity and sorority chapters like to create their very own Greek Chapter jackets to give to each new member. This is so that all members can look similar and unified at events, parties and probates. We have dedicated this page to our various styles of jackets for Greeks.

The Greek Line Jacket is one of most popular sellers -- it comes in your fraternity or sorority colors with a huge image of the shield and organization name on the back. You can request to have your name imprinted on the front. A lot of members also love the Old School Greek Jacket, which comes in your group's color with striped white accents on the sleeve ends and collar.

If you really want to grab some attention on campus, get a Greek Lettered Satin Jacket. It's a shiny large button down jacket that's popular with Divine 9 members -- large Greek letters appear on the right hand side with a first name or nickname on the left. Another classic option is the Varsity or Letterman Jacket -- both can be used as coats to keep you warm in the winter time while representing your organization.

Which one of these Greek Chapter Jackets do you like the best? Pick the jacket that best fits your personal style and then customize it to your requirements. Contact the GG team if you need a hand with your order.