What's a great gift to give a fraternity or sorority member that will be used and looked at almost every day? A nice set of glasses, mugs or cups designed with the organization's insignia and a custom message of course! Shop this section for our Most Popular Sorority Drink Items.

If you're looking for the perfect gift for someone who loves a hot cup of tea before bedtime, order the Sorority Mascot Mug. It's covered with colorful flowers and symbols that represent your organization. If you're always on the go, get one of our new Tervis Tumblers -- an adult "sippy cup" that's covered with an attractive maze pattern, your letters and sorority name. For an inexpensive gift to give away to a large group of members or interests, order a set of Giant 22oz Plastic cups.

We also sell a variety of drink accessories that will make practical gifts or additions to your chapter house. For instance, we carry a pretty Sorority Coffee Sleeve that you can use each morning for your morning cup of java. There's also a BevKey Key Chain that's uniquely designed for your Greek organization. Use it to remove bottle caps and keep your keys together.

These are our Most Popular Sorority Drink Items, including cups, tumblers, mugs, glasses and accessories. You're sure to find something on this page that will make the perfect gift for the perfect Greek lady, or a nice party favor for your upcoming semi-formal or formal affair.

Most Popular Sorority Drink ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Sorority Inline Coffee Mug
As low as: $11.99
Sorority Logo Bistro Mug
As low as: $16.95
Sorority Rainbow Coffee Mug
As low as: $11.99
Sorority MOD Coffee Mug
As low as: $11.99
Sorority Pastel Mug
As low as: $11.99
Sorority Monogrammed Giant Plastic Cups
As low as: $1.50
Sorority Glitter Tumblers
As low as: $12.99
Sorority Old Style Classic Giant Plastic Cup
5 star rating1 review
As low as: $1.50
Sorority Cup - Giant 22oz Plastic Cup!
5 star rating2 reviews
As low as: $1.50
Sorority Cup Tumbler
5 star rating1 review
As low as: $3.50
Sorority Mascot Cups Tumblers
4.6 star rating5 reviews
As low as: $4.00
Fraternity Collectors Tankard Stein
4.79 star rating19 reviews
As low as: $25.00
Engraved Fraternity & Sorority Rocks Glasses
5 star rating3 reviews
As low as: $12.00
Sorority Metallic Travel Mug
5 star rating1 review
Sorority & Fraternity BevKey Key Chain
4.93 star rating14 reviews
As low as: $4.50
Greek Can Cooler - CLOSEOUT
4.82 star rating39 reviews
Big Sis / Lil' Sis Heart Mug
5 star rating6 reviews
As low as: $19.00
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