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DISCOUNT-Greek Crest - Shield Briefcase Attache
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DISCOUNT-Fraternity & Sorority Greek Briefcase
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DISCOUNT-Greek Briefcase Bag
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Show your pride in your Greek organization in a professional and distinguished manner by carrying one of these Fraternity Briefcases and Attaches. They make perfect gifts for alums and soon to be alum members who are graduating soon. They feature the logos, crest and letters of fraternal chapters across the country.

A lot of customers like our Greek Briefcase Bags because they give you easy, quick access to your things. There's a flap in front that's embossed or imprinted with your fraternity insignia or Greek letters. The Briefcase Attache is better if you have a lot of paperwork and electronics to carry with you to school or work each day. Both styles have multiple compartments for books, pens, cellphones and more.

If you just need a bag for your laptop, order a Sorority or Fraternity Computer Case. We have a selection of color combinations to match your organization's colors. All of these bags are made of durable material that will last many semesters into the future.

Order one of these Fraternity Briefcases and Attaches for yourself or for another Greek member who needs one for school, work or business. If you need help with a custom order, email the customer service team for assistance.