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Fraternity & Sorority World Famous Greek Hat - $18
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Fraternity Crest Decals
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Fraternity Color Oval Decal
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DISCOUNT-Greek Crest - Shield Cap - ONLY $14.99!
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Greek License Plate Frame
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Discount Fraternity Pens
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DISCOUNT-Greek Letter Tee
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Deal Of The Day! - Greek Lettered T-Shirt
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Big Fraternity Cups
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Greek Can Cooler - CLOSEOUT
4.82 star rating39 reviews
Fraternity Beverage Glass
4.71 star rating7 reviews
Sorority Pens & Fraternity Pens
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Fraternity & Sorority Can Wrap
5 star rating1 review
Fraternity Alloy Keychains
5 star rating2 reviews
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Greek Crest Golf Towel
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Greek Metal License Plate
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Greek Crest Mug
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$9.95 Greek Tee
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Greek Euro Style Decal
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Fraternity / Sorority Window Decals
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2" Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal
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Greek letters over Name Sticker
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BIG Greek ROLL Letters
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Greek Line License Plate Cover
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Custom Greek License Plate Frame
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Greek Fraternity & Sorority Mirrored Greek Plates
4.83 star rating12 reviews
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Shiny Greek Letters
5 star rating8 reviews
When you add together tuition, housing, meals, books and other fees, college is more expensive now than it ever was. Being a member of a fraternity is just one part of those costs, and with membership dues and fees for special events, your money may not go as far as you had hoped. If you are on a tight college student budget, how do you afford gifts for your fraternity brothers? Greek Gear has got your back with a massive selection of reasonably priced products that are perfect for any gift-giving occasion.

Gifts and Accessories for the Discerning Fraternity Brother

What kinds of gifts can you buy for less than $15? At Greek Gear, your Hamiltons and Lincolns stretch further than you may have realized. Look through our practical products, like pens, stadium cups and phone wallets, or shop our apparel with custom T-shirts, lanyards and hats.

We also have tons of decorative items, from stickers and decals to license plates and magnets. Look through our assortment and fill your shopping bag with fraternity items your brothers will love. Remember, it's the thought that counts, not the dollar amount spent.

Support for Your Fraternal Organization

Narrow down your choices at Greek Gear by looking for your fraternity by name. Then, choose from items featuring your frat's colors, nicknames, crests and decals. Imagine putting together a gift basket for your brother featuring a can cooler, car decal, and other items that all feature your fraternity. At such low prices, you can throw in something for yourself.

For other ways to save on great Greek Gear products, sign up for our email newsletter to receive a promo code you can use towards your first purchase. In addition, shop the sale section to find popular items at a discount. We have many ways to save you money when shopping for Greek life essentials.