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FarmHouse Fraternity Umbrella
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Fun-loving fraternity guys love finding this page of our site that specifically lists Recreational and Golf Items for FarmHouse members. Their items here that you can bring to a barbecue, picnic, golf outing or ballgame.

FarmHouse brothers definitely know how to have fraternity fun. Just make sure that when you're on campus, at the park, at the beach or on the green, you and your friends have plenty of gear for your planned activities. If you're going to play a game of poker, golf, or b-ball, why not have merchandise that has been stamped with your fraternity info?

For instance, the Poker Set is a perfectly arranged box full of cards, chips and dice to use when you and your three favs are sitting around the table. Dedicated golf lovers will appreciate having a set of balls, markers and towels emblazoned with the FH coat of arms. There's also a Mini Basketball Hoop that you can use for a bit of diversion during a long studying session in your dorm room.

Take full advantage of every opportunity that you and your brothers have to get out and have some fun. Just remember to bring FarmHouse Recreational and Golf Items along with you for good measure.