Delta Zeta Jackets & CoatsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Delta Zeta members who live on seasonal campuses are happy to learn that they can buy sorority Jackets and Outerwear online at Greek Gear. That and we also offer prompt shipping options to your college campus.

If you ever unexpectedly get caught out in the rain you'll be glad you have the Pack-N-Go Pullover in your bag. It pulls over and protects anything you have on, whether it's a sweater or long-sleeved tee. It folds up into its own front pocket, so you can tuck it into the side pocket of your bag or even hook it onto a lanyard. For a jacket that also provides warmth, order the Greek Letter Anorak, which has an inner lining.

When you're out of doors in the winter, wear the appropriate outerwear to keep yourself warm, like a Delta Zeta Fleece Jacket. It's made of polyester that's designed to keep heat near your body. The collar can be turned up and paired up with a scarf (see the "headwear" section for a beautiful rose pink and green winter scarf for DZ members).

Celebrate your founders, your symbols and everything having to do with Delta Zeta every day by wearing Jackets and Outerwear on your college campus. If you're a student athlete, also see the sorority sportswear section.