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Delta Phi Apparel & Merchandise
We’re ecstatic to provide a special section for the distinguished gentlemen of Delta Phi Fraternity. If you’re a member, bookmark this page now—it’s your source for customized paraphernalia, merchandise and gifts.

Delta Phi Fraternity, founded on November 17, 1827 at Union College is one of the country's oldest fraternal organizations. Its motto is "Semper Ubique" and the colors are Columbia Blue and White. Notable members include J.P. Morgan and Jr., John Jacob Astor.

Delta Phi Fraternity members will find just about everything they could possibly think about when it comes to Greek para in this section of Need to know what time it is? Get the Wall Clock, displaying your fraternity name, colors and year of establishment. Traveling sometime soon? Pick up a couple of Luggage Tags, personalized with your name.

Visit the Delta Phi National website!


  1. What year was Delta Phi founded?
    Delta Phi was founded in 1827 at Union College.
  2. What are Delta Phi's colors?
    The fraternity's official colors are Columbia Blue and White.
  3. What is Delta Phi's symbol?
    Delta Phi's symbol is the Maltese Cross.
  4. What is Delta Phi's motto?
    Delta Phi's motto is Always Everywhere.