Delta Upsilon Jackets & SportswearThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Giving Delta Upsilon Jackets and Outerwear as gifts to freshmen is a chapter tradition at many schools. Keep that special tradition going by ordering some of the newest jacket styles we have at Greek Gear.

Do you live in an area that gets a lot of April showers? Invest in a fraternity windbreaker, like the Greek Letter Anorak. Not only does it provide water protection, it also has a large hoodie that you can zip closed to keep your hair dry. One Anorak style is embossed with the fraternal crest while the other is embroidered with your Greek letters.

You are going to be a new member's favorite person when he opens up his present and sees the Greek Letter Accomplish Jacket inside. It's a throwback to a classic letterman's jacket from high school, updated for the Greek life. The sleeves and hoodie are one color and the torso is another. Buy it in University Blue and graphite with white accents for a DU member.

You can't predict the reaction you'll get when you give Delta Upsilon Jackets and Outerwear to your new recruits, but chances are that it will be over the top excitement. Put in an order today and remember to add personalization where applicable.