Delta Upsilon Desk & Office ItemsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Do you have a traditional desk in your dorm room or a home office? Just one or two of these Delta Upsilon Desk and Office Items is all you need to make it look like a truly distinguished place to work.

A lot of students do their homework on the couch, on the bed or lounging on the floor, but there's something that's perfect about sitting down behind a wooden desk and getting down to business. The college kid sitting at your desk at school today is likely to become one of the country's finest and a notable member of your fraternity in the future.

There's a special place on your desk for the walnut wood Delta Upsilon Keepsake Box. Put it in a place that's convenient for you to open it up and look at the treasures within from time to time. There's a golden image of the DU coat of arms on the top with script letters etched at the bottom. We also offer various knickknacks in this section that are both affordable and notable, like the Pewter Letter Opener. If you get a lot of mail, this will save you a lot of time.

Whenever you have "desk duty" you'll be able to look at these beautiful Delta Upsilon Desk and Office Items and be inspired. Also see our selection of wooden fraternity picture frames for your desk.