Do you have a new group of members who will be initiated into your chapter soon? Give them the gift of Delta Tau Delta Jackets and Outerwear. Being a member of your organization is an honor -- one that you will understandably want to express to the world with pride. Check out all of the vibrant purple's and attention grabbing golden jackets that we offer here, both in modern and old school styles. The Greek letter Accomplished Jacket is an old-school throwback to the classic letterman's jacket. You can order it in purple with gray sleeves and hoodie. The finishing touch are the white racing stripes at the bottom and on the sleeve ends. It is similar in style to the Varsity Crest Jacket. If you prefer something more modern, try out the Delta Tau Delta track jacket. It's the type of jacket that the star track athlete might wear before meets and on campus. We also sell a few different Anorak jackets, including one with the flag patch and another with Greek letters positioned to the left of the zipper. Your newest initiates will beam with happiness when they're first presented with their custom-made Delta Tau Delta Jackets and Outerwear. Order them well in advance.

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