Being a Delta Tau Delta member means being committed to a life of excellence. These Alumni and Graduation Gifts will help you keep your fraternity's mission and motto in mind well after you graduate from school. One of the first products you'll see here for graduation is the classic Sash Stole. It's a long piece of satin that is designed to drape over your shoulders on the big day. When you're meeting up family and friends and accepting your college degree, you'll have one more big opportunity to wear your Greek letters proudly. Have them imprinted on the left or right side along with your class year or school name. Also, buy alumni gifts from Greek Gear to put on your desk, keep in your living room or put on your car. Whether you're the alum or you're shopping for a fellow member who has just gotten his college degree, these are gifts that will continue to be useful and precious to you long after your time in college. You'll find even more Delta Tau Delta Alumni and Graduation Gifts to buy in our other sections, including "Gifts and Merchandise" and "Top Selling Items." See our deals on items you buy in quantity and on ground shipping to US destinations.

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