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Delta Phi Greek Letter Anoraks
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You forget how important it is to have a light jacket handy until you get up early in the morning for class on a cool autumn day. Find Delta Phi Jackets and Outerwear so that you'll always have a go-to jacket within your reach. When you played high school sports, you probably had a team jacket for unity. Now that you're a member of one of the oldest, coolest and most respected fraternal organizations in the country, it's only right that you have a jacket to represent that as well. The classic choice for members is the Greek Letter Anorak, which is embroidered with threading in the color you choose. It comes in royal blue, white, navy and other shades. A lot of visitors like the Raider Jacket for its modern styling. It has a vertical zipper in the front for your phone and isolated fabric stripes in the color you want. There are jackets in carbon print with blue, navy or black stripes on the sleeves and on the left side of the body of the jacket. The collar is designed to stay high around your neck in chilly weather. No need to shop a sporting goods store for outerwear needs -- shop for Delta Phi Jackets from the comfort of your dorm room desk.