Delta Kappa Epsilon PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Paddles are for hanging, displaying and decorating your dorm room or car. Have one customized with Delta Kappa Epsilon images, letters and symbolic engravings here at .
The Deke Deluxe Paddle that will look good hanging from a hook on your wall or dangling from your bed post. There are four customization boxes open for this style: semester/year, big brother and little brother name, and the chapter. Your letters come engraved with a cool beveled effect. You can order many of our paddles with a leather strap if you'd like to hang from a push pin.
Even in this digital age, the best place for your favorite photos is still in an attractive frame positioned on a wall or on your desk. How else you remember those moments after you've upgraded to a new cell phone? Get a Black or Silver Brush Frame and have it engraved with your name or the place where the photo was taken.
Parents and loved ones: if your goal is to give a Delta Kappa Epsilon man the best gift ever, get him one of these Paddles or Picture Frames. Once you have it personalized, it becomes a one-of-a-kind gift that will always be special and memorable.