Whether you're wishing a fellow member "Merry Christmas" or preparing for a Greek event to celebrate National Cooking Day, we have a number of great Delta Kappa Alpha Seasonal Items in stock at GreekGear.com . Whenever you have a holiday or special annual event coming up, visit this section of the site to see what we have to help you ring the season in with style.

The Delta Kappa Alpha Pewter Holiday Ornament is a perfect choice to hang on your chapter's official Christmas tree. You can also hang it from the rear view mirror in your car to add some holiday cheer. The Holiday Ball ornament is special because you can customize it with one line of text, so you can type in the name of each current chapter member and have their ornaments hanging together during the holidays. These will be treasured by future chapters.

Another popular seasonal item is the DKA apron. If you and your chapter members are planning to celebrate Thanksgiving dinner or another food-related event together, make sure all the cooks have one of these customizable aprons to wear.

Bookmark this page and come back throughout the year for Delta Kappa Alpha Seasonal Items. You'll find exactly what you need to celebrate the reason for the season while showing love to your awesome fraternity. This section will be continuously updated as we receive more items in stock -- get in touch with the GG team if you have any special requests or questions.

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