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Order lettered Delta Kappa Alpha Drinkware to fill with your favorite beverage when you're "pouring" over a script or reading a textbook on Film history! These glasses and cups are designed with your fraternity name, letters, crest and other symbols etched into the surface.

DKA has been a beacon of light for students of cinema since 1936. Celebrate cinematic artistry by getting plenty of Greek paraphernalia for yourself and your fellow members on campus. A cup or glass is a simple and practical gift to give -- you can have most of these items engraved or imprinted with the recipient's name. One popular item is the Stein glass, a clear well-made glass mug with your fraternal coat of arms on the side. You can also get a gold-trimmed Ceramic version of the Stein mug.

When you're on the road with your fellow members, don't leave the house without your DKA Travel Mug -- it's shaped to fit right in your car's cup holder. It's stainless steel with black ink, featuring your fraternal crest at the center. We also carry a Mixing and Rocks glass that your favorite alum members will love to get as gifts the next time they visit the campus.

These items also make great gifts for new members who've just joined your organization. Personalize them (where applicable), choose your production time (rush option is available) and we'll get started on your order ASAP. If you buy some Delta Kappa Alpha Drinkware items in bulk, the price per glass or cup goes down!

Delta Kappa Alpha DrinkwareThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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