Promote Delta Gamma in a colorful and bold way with Lettered Twill Clothes from Greek Gear. You already know that they're going to get worn a lot, especially considering all of the programs and events your chapter has planned this year.

Become one of those sorority girls who doesn't leave the house without at least one bit of para on. Get a Custom Twill Hooded Sweatshirt in a wide variety of color combinations. You might decide to get the pink hoodie with chevron letters as pictured, or switch things up and buy a blue version with bronze-colored and pink letters. And of course, a white hoodie is always a top choice for sorority members.

When the weather is iffy in the autumn season, just wear a Lettered Long Sleeve tee. You can roll your sleeves up if it gets warm and roll them back down when there's a chill in the air. It comes with pink letters that have a blue border by default, but a customizable version is also available. For a fun shirt that you and your sisters can wear on the first day of rush week, get a box of Lettered Tie-Dye T-shirts.

Your wardrobe is missing something: new Delta Gamma Lettered Twill Clothes. Rectify that situation today by filling your shopping bag with our Greek Gear!

Delta Gamma Lettered Twill ClothesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Delta Gamma Sewn Lettered Crewneck
As low as: $16.95
$15 Delta Gamma Custom Twill Tee
As low as: $14.00
DISCOUNT-Delta Gamma Lettered V-Neck Tee
As low as: $19.00
Delta Gamma Lettered Sweatpants
As low as: $23.99
Delta Gamma Bubble Twill T-Shirt
As low as: $14.95

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