Having a good jacket or coat wrapped around you is like wearing a blanket around you throughout the day on a cold fall or winter day. Bundle up with Circle K Jackets, Coats, and Sweatshirts designed with your group's logo and colors.

You can wear your Circle K World Famous $25 Hoodie all day and treat it like both a jacket and a sweater, with its soft cotton feel, drawstring hood, front pockets, and thick durable material. Best of all, the words Circle K appear on the front, with the corresponding logo on the back. The same design is available for the World Famous Crewneck.

When you're expected to participate in or attend a sporting event for charity, go to the festivities wearing a World Famous Medalist Pullover or Wicking Fleece Pullover. They're both affordable for around $40 and designed with athletes in mind. You can also keep them hanging in your dorm for whenever you want to take a run or hike through the forest.

You can count on warmer feeling days and nights, even in the fall and winter when you order Jackets, Coats, and Sweatshirts from GreekGear.com . Circle K members are invited to visit whenever they need high quality yet affordable clothing and paraphernalia for meetings, service events, networking, and fundraisers.

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