What is your favorite beverage? Milk? Juice? A latte? No matter the answer, morning, noon, or at night when you're lost in a textbook, we have a cup or mug that you can use every day and integrate into your daily routine. We also carry fancy drinkware that you can present to guests at ceremonies, dinners, and fundraising banquets. 

Order the Circle K Coffee Mug if you're an every morning coffee person. It's a standard sized mug with the circle shaped logo adorning the side in blue, along with your name or an appropriate phrase like "Committed to Service." For a gift that you can give your mentor or present to attendees at important events, take a look at the Ceramic Stein, which is a modified version of a classic mug.

Our Circle K Custom Engraved Mug can be personalized with a name, special date in time, or event title. It's a clear glass mug, just over 12 ounces, that makes an ideal display item or a cup for your favorite glass of soda. Explore the Greek Gear design your own page to learn about more drinkware options that you can personalize.

Every time you take a sip of your favorite beverage you'll be reminded of the good work you're doing as a Circle K member. Note that drinkware isn't the only thing we sell for Circle K members at Greek Gear -- we also sell party favors, keychains, bags, and other items that are useful and make great gifts.

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Circle K Coffee Mug
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