Personalize all of the personal items you want with Circle K stickers and decals from Greek Gear. They come in an assortment of styles, colors, and sizes for your needs. You can stick them to folders, windows, or the bumper of your car. We also sell banners and flags for you to bring along with you to Circle K gatherings.

After you finish all of your back to school shopping errands, including folders, binders, notebooks, portfolios, and covers for your textbooks, remember to place your order for a set of stickers and decals that note your membership in Circle K International.

As a responsible student, citizen, and leader who is committed to lifelong service, it's a good idea to have paraphernalia on hand and handy. Stickers and decals make it easy -- just add a set of window sticker decals to your cart and place them in important places around your dorm and on your car. We also have a customizable flag for your Circle K chapter that allows you room to express your group's goals or motto.

We're stuck on you and you'll be stuck on Greek Gear merchandise once you see all that we have to offer you and other Circle K members in your area, including stickers and decals. Fill up your shopping bag and come back for more as we continue to add more goodies to our catalog for your group.

Circle K Banners, Stickers, and FlagsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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