When you find a bag or tote that you really like, you tend to get a bit attached to it. It becomes your everyday companion -- the one place where you keep all of your most important personal items that have to be ported around. You'll find that special bag, tote or briefcase made especially for Circle K members in this section of Greek Gear.

You can fit a lot into the Circle K Messenger Briefcase. Everything from your textbooks, to your laptop, to your cellphone, and portfolios full of school assignments will fit neatly into this convenient shoulder bag. After all, when you're a college student, it's important to be equipped with all the right tools to stay on top of your school work and duties, including service projects you have planned on the weekends.

When you're traveling home for the holidays, the Circle K Leatherette Luggage Tag will help ensure that you always find your bags at baggage claim. It's embossed with the Kiwanis circular logo with a large K at the center. We also sell totes for groups, which can be filled with goodies to give to supporters and volunteers at fundraisers.

Make it known that you're a Kiwanis Circle K member and happy to serve your community by carrying attractive bags and totes with the official logo. Get in touch with the Greek Gear team if you have special requests or want to place a high quantity order to arrive expeditiously!

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