Chi Omega Christmas Ornaments & GiftsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Can't wait to put up the Christmas tree at your Chi Omega house? We can't wait either! Here at Greek Gear, we have all sorts of official Chi Omega Christmas ornaments that will fit into whatever aesthetic you are going for this year. From glass ornaments to porcelain balls, to aluminum shield ornaments to watercolor ornaments. We've got it all here at Greek Gear. And if, by small chance, you can't find a Chi Omega Christmas ornament that you just love, you can design your own ornament from scratch to put your letter onto. We guarantee that by the time Christmas Eve rolls around, you'll have a new favorite ornament on the tree.

It's getting colder. You know what that means? Ugly sweater season is right around the bend. Our Chi Omega sweaters are so cute that they might not even be considered ugly sweaters anymore, and you might continue wearing them long after Christmas has come and gone. Order yours here at Greek Gear today!