One of the first things a college student buys when he arrives at school is a university sweatshirt. When you finally become a Chi Psi fraternity member, make the first thing you buy one of these lettered Sweatshirts.
Sweatshirts will always be hot items for college guys in school, because they are easy to wear and keep you comfortable no matter where you go. Many members opt for a classic lettered sweatshirt, like the 3 Color Custom Twill Hooded Sweatshirt, because there's just no way anyone can miss seeing your letters. They're both bordered and outlined in the colors you like best.
Some members prefer a sportier sweatshirt, like the Chi Psi Athletics Hoodie. If you're a player on a team at college, or just like to work out at the gym a lot, you'll like this hoodie. It's imprinted with the message Properly of XXL Athletics with your fraternity name in the middle. The Letterman Hoodie is another popular choice, imprinted with the org name in an arched design.
Years after you've left school you'll still have your Chi Psi Sweatshirt to pull on when it gets chilly. Order one in each of your fraternity colors for good measure!

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