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Fraternity guys in college often look forward to the day when they receive their very first custom-designed paddle. This section of our site specifically lists paddles for Chi Psi members, as well as attractive wooden picture frames that can be given as gifts.
Imagine how great a large domed wooden Greek paddle will look hanging over your desk. It's made of rich maple wood and has intricately engraved lettering. Your Design Your Own options include adding an image, like your fraternity seal to the wood, as well as Greek letters, dates, names and saying. For instance, you might write in "Integrity, Dignity and Maturity" as the featured phrase.
This page is also the designated location to buy picture frames for Chi Psis. There's an attractive light colored Wood Picture frame that will fit a standard sized photo (about 4x6) and a Rosewood Picture Frame that will fit a larger photo or a special certificate There's also a Treasure Box that doubles as a frame for a small picture that will hold a number of small, yet important items including jewelry and cards.
Use our Design Your Own feature or pick one of the Chi Psi Paddles or Picture Frames we have pre-designed for you by our Greek Gear team. Whichever choice you make, you'll be pleased with your purchase!

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