Are you tired of wearing boring pea coats and sports jackets on campus? That's so 2010. Update your coat game by ordering Chi Psi Jackets and Sportswear and you're sure to stand out from the crowd.
If there is only one piece of wearable para you buy for yourself during your entire time as a fraternity member in college, get a fraternity jacket like the Anorak we sell for Greeks. It is a jacket that protects the wearer from both wind and rain. In addition to its function, it's embroidered with a symbol of your fraternity so that others will know your affiliation.
We also sell a few items for guys who are heavily into sports, like the Champion Mesh Short. It's a classic pair of team shorts, except the team you're representing is Chi Psi. Wear it with one of our very affordable white tees from the T-Shirts section on the Greek Gear main menu (some are only about $10 or less) for your workouts and practice sessions. More fraternity jackets and sportswear can be found on the main menu as well.
Purchase Chi Psi Jackets and Outerwear for yourself or to give as gifts to new members. Explore the options we offer for customizing jackets, like adding a crest to the sleeve of some products for an added fee.

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Chi Psi Greek Letter Anoraks
As low as: $40.00

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