The purpose of a formal is to bring all of your favorite people together and celebrate. Show those people how much you appreciate them with Chi Psi Formal and Party Favors.
Part of throwing a great party or formal is ensuring that no one in attendance leaves without something to remember it by. A favor like a Design Your Own 14 oz Collectors Glass is a nice gift, and it's surprisingly affordable when purchased in quantity. If your event will host over 100 people, you can order this glass for under $3 each. They are small and discreet yet large enough to hold other goodies, like candy. You might fill each glass with purple and yellow jelly beans.
There is also a wide selection of Spirit Items at Greek Gear. That includes mini footballs, coozies, Frisbees and more. The point of a spirit item is to give interested parties something that they can use that will continually remind them of the time they spent hanging out with the Chi Psis.
The impact of these Chi Psi Formal and Party Favors reaches far beyond the day of the event. Make sure that they're both memorable and reflective of your fraternity's values.

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