We want your experience at our site to be as easy and fun as possible. If a simple shopping trip is what you want, that's what you'll get when you're ordering from our selection of Chi Psi Easy to Order - Made Fast Items.
One of the easiest items you can order in the Greek Gear catalog is the Custom Twill Short Sleeve or Long Sleeve T-Shirt. Just make your color choices, click the "add to shopping bag" button and you're on your way. We will get started producing your order soon after it's placed and ship it via ground at a great price.
There are also crewneck and hooded sweatshirts available for quick orders. They're made of high quality cotton material and will stay in rotation for years. If you order a large quantity of some easy order items, we'll even apply a special discount to your cart. Look for the "Buy in Bulk and Save" chart on each product page.
Even if you don't find everything that you want on this page of Chi Psi Easy to Order - Made Fast Items, you can find more on the main menu. Rush shipping options are available in some cases for an added fee.

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