Are you looking for a new bag to replace the one you may have been carrying around for years? Get your new one from this page listing Chi Psi Bags, Briefcases and Totes.
When you carry a briefcase it's a sign that you're a man who's all about his business. The Greek Crest Briefcase Attache combines the look of an official briefcase with the function and convenience of a laptop bag. It has a convenient carrying strap and handle to give you a choice of how you want to tote it on campus. There's a section for files, electronics and knickknacks.
There are also more casual bags for your time in college, like the Chi Psi Cinch Sack. As the name says, it's a cinch to pack and even easier to tote around. It's imprinted with your seal and moniker. Use it as your standard gym bag or a travel bag for road trips with your brothers.
If you're ready for a new bag or briefcase, why not get one that commemorates your pride in your fraternity? Remember that each of our Chi Psi Bags, Briefcases and Totes are labeled with a fraternity patch or embroidered with your organization's insignia. They make great Greek gifts!

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Chi Psi Fanny Pack
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Chi Psi Luggage Tag
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