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Chi Phi License Cover
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Some people prefer to fly, while others take the bus or train. Real road warriors drive from state to state as if it's second nature. If that sounds like you, get Chi Phi Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames for your car so that you'll always have a chance of meeting a familiar face when you're on the road. No matter what kind of automobile you own, we have something you can use to outfit it with your Greek letters or symbols. For instance if you have a truck with a trailer hookup, we have bright blue Trailer Hitch Covers with your letters running down the side in bright red. To the right is a majestic image of the crest of the fraternity. The Custom License Plate Frame will fit just about every car or truck on the road -- just remove the screws, position it over your state license plate, and screw it back in securely to the front or back. Some states only issue back plates -- in that case, get a Lettered License Cover for the front. It is a silvery plate featuring your Greek letters in blue outlined in red. Your fraternity insignia is impossible to miss when you're traveling on the road. When you consider how much time you spend driving in the course of a week, this purchase of Chi Phi Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames will seem more and more like a must. You can also find stuff for your bedroom, bathroom and dorm house at .