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Greek Lettered Twill T-Shirt
4.79 star rating126 reviews
As low as: $16.95
Deal of The Day - Greek Line Hat
4.81 star rating69 reviews
2" Greek Letter Window Sticker Decal
4.83 star rating18 reviews
As low as: $3.75
Classic Charles River Greek Pullover Anorak
4.78 star rating9 reviews
As low as: $42.00
DISCOUNT - Lettered Greek Hoodie
4.73 star rating64 reviews
As low as: $30.95
DISCOUNT - Fraternity & Sorority Greek Letter Crewneck
4.75 star rating12 reviews
As low as: $23.99
DISCOUNT Greek Lettered T-shirt
4.75 star rating52 reviews
As low as: $19.00
DISCOUNT Lettered Long Sleeve Shirt
4.7 star rating33 reviews
As low as: $21.00
$9.95 Greek Tee
4.71 star rating137 reviews
As low as: $8.50
Fraternity & Sorority Hand-Sewn Twill Greek Letter Hoodie
4.78 star rating120 reviews
As low as: $26.99
Custom Fraternity & Sorority Embroidered Hat
4.75 star rating72 reviews
As low as: $11.99
Sorority Greek Letter Cookie Cutters
5 star rating15 reviews
Fraternity / Sorority License Plate Frames
4.88 star rating32 reviews
As low as: $17.98
Fraternity Classic Oxford
4.68 star rating19 reviews
As low as: $34.00
Pouch Greek Pullover
4.75 star rating12 reviews
As low as: $40.00
Fraternity & Sorority Hand-Sewn Twill Greek Letter Crewneck Sweatshirt
4.66 star rating41 reviews
As low as: $18.95
DISCOUNT-World Famous Crest - Shield Greek Hoodie - $25!
4.77 star rating26 reviews
World Famous $30 Greek Hoodie
4.7 star rating37 reviews
Greek Euro Style Decal
4.75 star rating4 reviews
Fraternity / Sorority Window Decals
4.87 star rating15 reviews
As low as: $3.50
Fraternity Crest Decals
4.89 star rating9 reviews
As low as: $2.75
DISCOUNT-World Famous Discount Greek Crest - Shield Polo
5 star rating10 reviews
Lettered World Famous Greek Crewneck
4.74 star rating42 reviews
As low as: $15.00
World Famous Long Sleeve Tee
4.83 star rating6 reviews
As low as: $9.95
Greek Can Cooler - CLOSEOUT
4.82 star rating39 reviews
Fraternity Croakies & Sorority Croakies
4.59 star rating37 reviews
As low as: $9.00
Greek Crest - Shield Afghans
5 star rating6 reviews
As low as: $49.95
Greek Silver Lavalier Drop
4.71 star rating49 reviews
As low as: $25.00
Deluxe Fraternity Paddle
4.75 star rating28 reviews
As low as: $29.95
Greek Sweatshirt Blankets
4.7 star rating10 reviews
As low as: $21.00
Big Fraternity Cups
4.83 star rating53 reviews
As low as: $1.50
If you're holding a Greek auction event this year, make sure you get Auction Gifts that your guests will really get excited about. Search this page to find everything from wearable items to jewelry made for fraternity and sorority members.

One idea for an auction is to invite every member in town you know (both college students and alum), and from other schools to the affair and set up a large table of gifts. Take written bids on each item at the table and give a portion of the proceeds to charity. When you're setting up the auction table, it needs to have stuff that people will really want, like Greek gift baskets containing cups, glasses, decals, hats and t-shirts. A large Crest Afghan will be a popular item as well -- it looks great hanging in your dorm room or a den. You can also give small gifts or party favors away to your biggest donors.

Or maybe you're just looking for stuff to wear to your upcoming Greek auction so that you'll make a big impression on guests. Greek Gear has you covered, literally, with plenty of tees, polos and more. Each member of the chapter can wear matching World Famous Discount Greek Crest Polo shirts to the event as a show of unity. If you're a guy being featured at a Date Auction, pull on a Fraternity Classic Oxford with a pair of slacks or khakis and you're bound to get one of the highest bids!

Find plenty of great Auction Gifts and merchandise for your upcoming event in this section of our site. Contact the GG team if you need some assistance with your order.