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For some members, a good hat is as much of a wardrobe must as is a t-shirt or pair of sneakers. If you're a hat head, you'll love our selection of Alpha Phi Omega Hats and Visors for members.

When the spring season arrives it's only natural to want a new hat to wear on those relentlessly sunny days. The World Famous Line Hat will keep you covered with its extra-long rim. Make it a hat that's just for you by adding your nickname below the Greek letters and/or on the back above the adjustment strap.

If you want to venture out into the woods with your friends one weekend soon, get yourself a Lettered Camouflage Hat. You're A Phi O letters are embroidered over the green camo design in gold or the color of your choosing (over a dozen thread colors are available). There are several different camo designs available, including desert, military, navy and winter.

Get your favorite Alpha Phi Omega newbie one of these Hats or Visors as an official welcome into the fraternity. When you see the very reasonable prices, you'll probably decide to get a new one of your own as well!

Alpha Phi Omega Hats & VisorsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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