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You probably already have a wardrobe full of khakis, chinos, slacks and cargo shorts. Now, stock up on Alpha Phi Omega Polos and Oxfords from Greek Gear to wear with them!

On date night you know your girlfriend probably doesn't want to see you wearing a white tee, so surprise and impress her by wearing a Classic Oxford with your A Phi O Greek letters embroidered over the pocket. It's formal enough to wear to a nice restaurant yet casual enough to not look stuffy at an after party with friends.

If you have a pair of dark navy jeans, pair it with the Alpha Phi Omega Rugby Shirt. It's available with gold and navy stripes and a bright white collar. Choose between a rugby shirt with the fraternal crest or letters woven into the fabric. It's available in sizes up to 3XL so that you can find the perfect fit (see the size chart).

Wearing Alpha Phi Omega Polos and Oxfords is a tasteful way to let the world know that you're a proud member of your fraternal organization. Order new Greek clothing and have it rushed to your door, right in time for your next important date or gathering.

Alpha Phi Omega Polos & OxfordsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

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