Alpha Phi Alpha Stickers & DecalsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

These Alpha Phi Alpha Stickers and Decals are useful both for personal use and chapter use. They are a simple way to display your Greek letters and images in a practical way. When you're setting up folders to give out at your next informational to your most serious candidates, you can label them each with a Euro Decal Oval Sticker or a Color Oval Decal. The color decal will look very distinctive on the cover of a black folder. If you're planning to give out gold or yellow folders, get the Flag Decal Sticker instead. When buying stickers for personal use, the most resourceful choice is to get a Multi Greek Decal Sticker Sheet covered with Alpha Phi Alpha letters and symbols. There is a sticker on the page for just about anything you have in your dorm room, from dresser drawers to binders for school. You can also buy stickers for your vehicle in this section, including decals that can be applied to the inside of the window. You won't have to spend a lot to get a lot of value when you shop Greek Gear. Order Alpha Phi Alpha Stickers and Decals in quantity for all of the members of your chapter to get the best deal.