Alpha Tau Omega Holiday Gifts & Christmas OrnamentsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

One of the best things about the holidays is that you have an excuse to let out your inner "Martha Stewart" and do some decorating around the chapter house. One easy way to give your Alpha Tau Omega chapter house a winter makeover is to order Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments from the Greek Gear catalog.

If you like the ceramic ornaments you can find at Christmas shoppes, you'll like our ceramic Holiday Ornaments. One style features the ATO crest and another has a blue face with gold Greek letters. Both give you the option to add personalized text, such as a name or the year the fraternity was founded. You also Design Your Own ceramic ornament by adding an image that's important to your group, or the official chapter photo. A nice gift idea is to create a different ornament for each chapter member with his photo printed on the front.

Glass ornaments are often preferred for decorating, because they are attractive and elegant. One style is shaped like a bell and another has an ovalesque appearance. The Greek Holiday Glass Ornament wishes everyone "Happy Holidays" and looks amazing hanging from a tree of any size.

Year after year, each November, you can pull out these Alpha Tau Omega Holiday Gifts and Christmas Ornaments to trim your tree or make your den look special for the season. While you're here, see our other Greek merchandise as well, including holiday themed clothing, picture frames and more.