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You'll find that you can get most of your school shopping needs taken care of right here at . We even have Flip Flops and Slippers made exclusively for the lovely members of Alpha Sigma Tau sorority.

Even if you're all about high heels and boots, you'll appreciate the convenience of having a pair of Monogram Natalie Sandals to wear. They're tan sandals with black or brown straps that come embroidered with your letters in a monogrammed pattern. They're secured in place with metal side buckles -- very cute and modern.

If you want a special look for fall, pick up a pair of Script Monogram Brooklyn Boots and New Englander Boot Socks. Both have a matching monogram print that will be added in your chosen thread color. Options include three shades of green (teal, Kelly and dark green) as well as three shades of gold (Vegas, light and old gold). When your sisters see you wearing this ensemble, they will immediately want to know where you got them!

Keep this page bookmarked so that you always have quick access to Alpha Sigma Tau Flip Flops, Slippers and other wearable Greek para. See the sorority main menu for more shopping options.

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