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It's that time of the year again -- the time when you're probably getting ready to initiate a group of new members. Order customized Alpha Phi Alpha Jackets and Outerwear to present them as gifts at their probate. A fraternity jacket is a special treasure that members hold onto for decades. If you ask your older school chapter alum, they'll probably still have one sitting in the back of their closet, ready to pull out for homecoming. The Alpha Phi Alpha Line Jacket is the classic choice to gift new members. You can have the initiates name or nickname embroidered to the front and a choice of Alpha symbols (including the sphinx and letters) for the sleeves. We also carry a few modern jackets that will catch your eye if you're into sports. There's the Greek Letter Artillery Jacket, a full zippered pull over that has two side pockets and a full pocket on the right chest. Check out the Raider Jacket, which has a raised polyester texture and a reflective inner lining. You might find this jacket perfect to wear in the late fall or early winter. When you get your Alpha Phi Alpha Jackets and Outerwear in the mail, you'll be impressed with the attractive design, vibrancy of the colors and quality construction. Keep us in mind for all of your Greek Gear needs.