Alpha Phi Alpha Formal & Party FavorsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Is the BGLO community and your college campus in general anticipating your next Black and Gold Ball? Thank them for their support with Alpha Phi Alpha Formal and Party Favors custom designed and ordered at . A nicely designed glass is a favor that makes a significant impact, but doesn't come with a large price tag -- especially when you order glassware in bulk. For example, order a set of Design Your Own 13 oz Beverage Glasses for around $2 per glass for each confirmed guest. We have a selection of clip art that you can add to each glass, including images of importance to Alpha Phi Alpha fraternity members. If the formal event you're throwing is to pay homage to older alum who have gone through your chapter 10, 25 or more years before you, they might appreciate receiving a special VIP paddle. Our Design Your Own link will give you plenty of ideas for custom paddles. We also have Design Your Awards for fraternity functions. Whatever ball, gala, award ceremony or after party you have planned for the upcoming school semester, we have Alpha Phi Alpha Formal and Party Favors that your guests will love. Get in touch with Greek Gear if you have questions about your order.