Alpha Omicron Pi Signs & FlagsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Alpha Omicron Pi Flags, Signs and Banners are frequently requested by members who are getting ready to start recruiting or throwing important events. When you see the variety of choices we have available, you'll understand why!

Ensure that interests know for sure which house is the AOII house by hanging a Traditional Sign on the front door. The background has a horizon-style pattern with red and white rays surrounding the sorority rose. The sorority name and establishment year of 1897 are in the foreground of this rectangular sorority house sign.

Get a pole and wave your 3 x 5 USA Flag high at the next Memorial Day parade in your town. It comes in bright blue with red, white and blue AOPi Greek letters. It's a creative way to combine your love of country with your love for the sorority of women who are enriched through lifelong friendship. Scroll more and you'll find the Chevron Flag for Alpha Omicron Pi members, which is a primo choice for chapter photos.

There probably isn't a better promotional buy for your women's fraternity chapter than a set of new Alpha Omicron Pi Flags, Signs and Banners. Order at least one for each common gathering your chapter hosts or attends throughout the school year.