Alpha Omicron Pi Group GiftsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

No matter what you may have in store for rush week, Greek Gear has the recruitment merchandise you need to make sure your plans come to fruition. Our selection of Alpha Omicron Pi rush and recruitment merchandise is designed to catch the attention of prospective sisters and guide them towards choosing your sorority. Our high-quality, affordable recruitment and rush merchandise comes in a variety of styles and designs, so you can choose a classic printed T-shirt, a fun sorority button or any of our other fantastic items. They say that the best rush events are full of color, fun and exciting sorority themes. Put this theory to the test with colorful recruitment items like our cardinal red sorority balloons with your panda mascot on the side or white balloons with red jacqueminot roses. Prospective members will be drawn to your booth and will want to learn all about your AOII symbols and the group's mascot when they see the colorful balloons everywhere. When it's finally time for bid day, give your prospective members a gift they'll cherish for years to come by printing them with an Alpha Omicron Pi T-shirt or other specialty item. Our custom printed rush merchandise will help distinguish your group and will be a proud addition to any new sister's collection. Many of our items can be customized with a fun message or line of text congratulating your newest members on bid day. You could also give each member a Sorority Mascot Pad so that they can begin journaling their experience. Once you have a clear quantity in mind for each of your upcoming events, come to Greek Gear to finalize your bulk order of Alpha Omicron Pi sorority rush and recruitment merchandise. See the main "Design Your Own" link on the top menu for a full view of customizable products. A sorority or fraternity formal is as exciting as a wedding or prom for most guests. It's one of those rare occasions when everyone has an excuse to get dressed up, eat gourmet foods and dance. Commemorate the moment at your next Alpha Omicron Pi formal with party favors.

Even after the party is over and the event hall has cleaned up, your guests will still have fond memories of the fun that they had. Make it a point to put a commemorative cup into each person's hand before they head home. An attractive glass like the Design Your Own 16 oz Mixing Glass will much appreciated, as will a 1 3/4 oz short glass. Each one allows you to upload your own design or use our library of graphics.

If some of your invited guests are VIPs of the sorority, get each one a custom gift item, like a Design Your Own Wood Picture Frame or a Colored Tote Bag. These specialty items will be one-of-a-kind, since you get to decide just how they will look.

When you graduate one day, you too will have a collection of paraphernalia to look back at, including these Alpha Omicron Pi Formal and Party Favors from your events. Get everything that you want and need at Greek Gear!