Alpha Omicron Pi Car Merchandise & License PlatesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Be one of the most visible Alpha Omicron Pi ladies on campus when you ride around with bright red Car Merchandise. The items we carry include License Plate Frames, covers, car flags, mats and more.

If you have a cherry red car or jeep, that's so sweet. Just put a red Chevron patterned Monogram License Plate on the front as the perfect finishing touch on a masterpiece. If you prefer a cover that features your AOPi Jacqueminot rose, order the solid red License Cover instead. This cover is nice enough to display in your dorm room as well -- maybe on your door or over the desk where you study.

If you prefer a more discreet way to put your sorority letters on your car, order the Chrome Car Emblem. It's a small decal, sized at 3.5 inches wide, that you can affix to the back bumper or your dashboard. It has a silver and black 3D appearance that really makes your letters stand out.

Every time you take a road trip to another school, your Alpha Omicron Pi sisters will know that you're a fellow member thanks to these Car Merchandise and License Plate Frames. See the "Stickers and Decals" section as well for more choices, including a long sticker for your back car or truck window.