Alpha Kappa Lambda PaddlesThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Put all of your creativity into designing your own Alpha Kappa Lambda Paddles, either for yourself or to give to someone you care about. We also sell Picture Frames that are of a very good quality.
When you join a frat, you want to own something that will stay with you for years. Many of our older customers who purchased paddles in school still have them on display in their homes and apartments. For a classic paddle that you can add your most important chapter details to, open the Custom Fraternity Paddle link. The chapter name goes on the back, and your greeting or personal identification goes on the front (up to two lines).
If you want a wider or uniquely shaped paddle, click the Design Your Own Custom Greek Paddles link. There's a giant paddle that has a wider, beveled shape. Scroll down more and you might find one with a handle that's shaped like an important image from your fraternal crest, like the cross symbol.
Purchase Alpha Kappa Lambda Paddles and Picture Frames if you want a meaningful fraternity gift that will last for years. Some of our products in this section may come with rush options if you need this gift faster than usual.