Alpha Kappa Delta Phi SweatshirtsThe Greatest Selection. Period.

Not happy with the paraphernalia you currently have in your closet? Diversify your wardrobe this year with alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sweatshirts and other amazing Greek Gear.

Here you'll find a plethora of screen printed sweatshirt designs made for sorority members in your timeless Greek organization. There's the I Love alpha Kappa Delta Phi Hooded Sweatshirt, which will be an exciting shirt to wear when in the company of new potential recruits. The aKDPhi Athletics sweatshirt is for the sporty and active member who can't go one day without taking a morning run around campus.

We also have a selection of crewnecks (non-hoodies) that you and your sisters can wear to class and study sessions. The "Since" Crewneck tells the world when your fine sorority was founded. If you prefer to show another two digit year or another important number, buy the Tail Crewneck instead. We've displayed each sweatshirt in purple, but you can also choose white with purple letters or another color combination.

When your fellow sorority sisters see you wearing Alpha Kappa Delta Phi Sweatshirts from Greek Gear, they're definitely going to want a few of them for themselves. Be the pioneer, and tell them where you found yours!