Your feet are your foundation. They get a whole lot of mileage when you're in college, walking from building to building and dorm to dorm. Slip them into a comfy pair of alpha Kappa Delta Phi shoes. We offer everything from Flip Flops to Slippers for sorority members.

There's one thing that every college lady absolutely must have, and that's a full collection of shoes in various styles. You need your stylish black boots for the fall, sandals for the spring, sneakers for sports activities and of course a pair of white heels for sorority ceremonies. We have you covered with flip flops and slippers that you'll need for time spent at your dorm.

For instance, if you're in a rush to make an early class, slide on your favorite pair of jeans and a pair of Mascot Color Flip Flops. They're covered in purple images of your hourglass symbol, as an expression of "Timeless Friendship Through Sisterhood." It's the only pair of flip flops you'll need this semester.

The sorority Flip Flops and Slippers that we sell are among our best selling items at Greek Gear. Add a few of these alpha Kappa Delta Phi sorority shoes to your shopping bag today.

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