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Words can't explain how excited your friend or family member is to become an Alpha Kappa Alpha member. Any gift of para will bring her happiness, including these Keychains and Key Rings.

A happy medium between a sticker and a sweatshirt hoodie is a pretty little AKA keychain. There's a wide variety of choices at your fingertips, including the Founders Keychain, which simply says "1908." The Marble Keychain includes the founding year along with the full sorority name and letters. If your recipient likes the frog mascot, order the green Acrylic Frog Keychain. If you're a big sister buying for a little, see the Big and Little Heart Halve Key Chain for Alpha Kappa Alpha members.

Be creative and think of other uses for these AKA chains, some of which look a lot like jewelry charms. The Large Letter Keychain comes with either a mirrored or sparkle effect and can also be added to a school bag or jacket zipper. The Charm Key Chain (full of pink and green letters and symbols) can be dangled from a lanyard or belt.

When you give an Alpha Kappa Alpha member a gift of Keychains and Key Rings, it shows that you care. It can be a daily reminder of your thoughtfulness.

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