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The earlier you put in an order for Alpha Kappa Alpha Formal and Party Favors the better. You want to have these items in hand at least a week before the main event for good measure.

Everyone will have fond thoughts of your next AKA formal when you go out of your way to give them thoughtful gifts. The default gift for many formal events is a glass, like the Design Your Own Sorority Bud Vase. Here's a quick idea: add your logo and text to the vase, place a pink tea rose inside (real or artificial) and wrap it with a colorful apple green bow.

If you have an assortment of giveaways and literature that you want to give to your guests, create a special Design Your Own Tote Bag for each recipient. That way you can pack everything into one convenient place, and when your guests get home they can sort through everything at once. Upload an image of your own or use the Greek Gear clip art library, which includes hearts, ivy leaves and roses.

We make ordering Alpha Kappa Alpha Formal and Party Favors easy and straightforward so that you can move onto other event planning details. For order assistance, get in touch with the Greek Gear team right away.

*Buyer acknowledges and agrees that he/she is purchasing paraphernalia and other goods (collectively Goods) that bears Alpha Kappa Alpha Sorority, Inc. (Sorority) logos, copyrights and trademarks for a member of the Sorority. Buyer understands that a non-member is not supposed to own or possess such items, and agrees that Sorority retains all rights and ownership in the underlying Goods that bear Sorority logos, copyrights and trademarks. Thus, such Goods may not be resold by Buyer directly, on-line via a third-party (including but not limited to ebay.com, amazon.com, etsy.com, etc.) or by any other means. Any attempt to do so will result in the forfeiture of the Buyer’s right to possess the Goods, the immediate vesting of the Sorority’s right to possess the Goods, and the subsequent surrender of the Goods to the Sorority.

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